Is the use of artificial intelligence allowed in studies? Familiarise yourself with the university's policies!

Joint guidelines on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in teaching have been drawn up for the University of Oulu. The policies describe how artificial intelligence can or cannot be used at the University of Oulu as well as how it can be used responsibly to support studies.

The use of artificial intelligence brings both opportunities and challenges to the university community. At a university, it can facilitate the work of teaching staff, and for students it can support learning and be necessary in working life. On the other hand, the reliability of artificial intelligence and the origin of outputs are questionable. Each and every member of the university is expected to act responsibly, consciously and ethically.

The principles for the responsible use of artificial intelligence at the University of Oulu are:

  • Equality: Each student has equal opportunities to use artificial intelligence if we are using it in a course.
  • Transparency: We follow good scientific practice. We give an honest picture of our own expertise. ​
  • Responsibility: We comply with data protection legislation and standards (GDPR). We respect copyrights and ensure information security.

Teachers define how artificial intelligence can be used in each course

During courses, teachers can define within the framework of the university's AI policies what kind of artificial intelligence use is appropriate in relation to the assignments and learning objectives of the course. Teachers may also restrict or prohibit the use of artificial intelligence at their discretion on the basis of pedagogical criteria. The teacher may require the student to report which artificial intelligence application has been used and how. If the teacher has not prepared and issued instructions separately, the general guidelines of the university shall apply to the course.

Students are always responsible for the output they turn in, and any output produced by artificial intelligence may not be presented as their own or as a source. Artificial intelligence does not replace one's own learning, thinking, information processing or practice. It is the student's responsibility to check with the teacher if they are not sure whether artificial intelligence may be used in the course. The use of artificial intelligence is prohibited in maturity examinations.

Artificial intelligence is constantly evolving – let's learn about its potential together!

Familiarise yourself with the university's guidelines

Last updated: 1.9.2023