Work, traineeship and thesis opportunities available

If you are planning a traineeship or thesis work for the upcoming spring/summer, it is now time to start with the application.

You may complete your traineeship or thesis work placement in Finland and/or abroad. To find the best and most suitable opportunity for you, we encourage you for an active and independent search. Consult also the staff and fellow students in your own degree program for tips and support.

Additionally, work, traineeship and thesis work advertisements in Finland and abroad addressed to the University of Oulu can be found on the Valojob database , consisting over 200 offers. You may limit your search according to type of the opportunity (traineeship, work, thesis work placement), study field and location. You can also order automatic announcements about the newest advertisements directly to your e-mail from the Valojob service.

University of Oulu offers annually financial support and grants for the students completing traineeship/ thesis work placement in Finland or abroad. Further information on the funding available.

Last updated: 25.3.2021