Yoon Lee started as a Postdoctoral Researcher and coordinator of HI Data Forum in HI programme

Postdoctoral Researcher Yoon Lee has joined Hybrid Intelligence research programme at the University of Oulu and started as a coordinator of HI Data Forum. For the Hybrid Intelligence research program, Lee is involved in developing hybrid intelligence for education, where human insights and machine reasoning can iteratively assist each other and lead to design-based solution.
Researcher Yoon Lee in black and white photo

New HI Data Forum coordinator Yoon Lee´s PhD research was very relevant to Hybrid Intelligence research themes, titled Interactive Intelligence: Multimodal AI for Real-Time Interaction Loop towards Attentive E-Reading.

“I believe we could provide foundational work for developing an interactive AI, where the learning analytics and the interaction as an educational intervention can take place as a loop, based on the human and machine insights, so learners can benefit from the real-time feedback and act upon it with better user experiences”, Lee says.

Multidisciplinary background in computer science, AI-based learning analytics, and design engineering

Lee has a multidisciplinary background; she obtained PhD in Computer Science from TU Delft, Netherlands, focusing on AI-based learning analytics and interaction, and a Master's degree in Industrial Design Engineering from TU Delft, Netherlands, focusing on AI-based solutions based on multimodal data fusion.

Before that, she was working as a Research Engineering at Hyundai Motor Group in Korea, where she worked as a design lead. Working in the government-funded project involved developing and commercializing hardware & software of the mother machine controller for the Smart Industry 4.0. Lee has a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design Department from Hongik University in Korea and minored in Business Administration.

"I am genuinely excited to join the HI programme, which involves very multidisciplinary focuses to where I can contribute with my experiences and expertise. We have a very interdisciplinary team at the University of Oulu, spanning computer science, education, nursing, data science, and interaction, where everyone can exchange their perspectives and get inspiration from each other’s research and solutions”, Lee says.

HI Data Forum creates discussion between disciplines and advices about design of data ecosystem and data utilization

HI Data Forum gives a space for expert lecturers and visiting scholars for all Hybrid Intelligence data related topics. It also invites researchers introducing them to different sensors and devices that can be utilized in the LeaF space, as well as multimodal research possibilities. Hi Data Forum encourages discussion between researchers and professionals from diverse disciplines and advice them regarding the design of data ecosystem and data utilization.

The next Data Forum will be held on 4th of June at LeaF, University of Oulu and online. Read more about HI Data Forum 4.6.2024: Utilizing video data in research - examples of data analysis and tech demo and register here.

Yoon Lee´s publications

Last updated: 15.5.2024