Parking, and reservation of parking spaces at the University of Oulu

The University of Oulu has parking spaces in Linnanmaa and Kontinkangas campuses, Teacher Training School and Koskela office. University staff, students, partners and service providers can apply for parking spaces for their use through the Eparking app. Parking spaces subject to a charge are available for visitors for short-term parking.

Booking a parking space at the university

The right to use the parking space is area-specific. You can only park your car and use the heating pole in the area for which the permit has been issued. Payment for the parking spacemust be made by the date stated on the invoice, as the unpaid parking spaces will be released for re-application.

The price of using the parking space with a heating plug in period 2020-2021 for staff and service providers is 120 € /12 months. For students, the price of the right to use the parking space with a heating plug is 100 € /12 months. The monthly price for such a permit is 20 € /month. 

Use of unheated parking spaces is free, but requires registration as a user. Registration does not guarantee that there are free unheated parking spaces available.

Application process for parking spaces with heating outlet generally opens on October. You may apply for a permit for a parking space with a heating outlet for the parking area you desire. In your application you must justify your need for a parking space. Campus Services will process received applications and grant permits for parking spaces based on the considered need. Applicants will receive confirmation of their parking space permit by e-mail. The university does not grant permits for parking spaces with a heating outlet to organisations.

Linnanmaa campus parking map

Using eParking

Visitor parking

Time-limited parking spaces are freely available to visitors. In addition, in Linnanmaa there is around 25pc customer parking spaces in three different parking area. Customer parking spaces are marked with separate signs and payment for a place is via eParking or Easy-Parking apps. In addition, all of the university's unheated parking spaces serve as paid customer parking spaces.

Linnanmaa campus parking map

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