Advanced Steels for the Green Planet (AS4G) - (I)


AS4G (I) aligns with the EU and Finland's carbon neutrality efforts, focusing on innovative, knowledge-driven, physico-chemical and metallurgical research. The project aims to generate interdisciplinary expertise in advanced steels, fundamental physics, metallurgical processing, and industrial side streams.

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Other Finnish

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Tiina ja Antti Herlinin säätiö (Private Finnish Foundation)

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1 600 000 EUR

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University of Oulu

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The AS4G (I) project is a major initiative that aims to revolutionize the steel industry. With a focus on sustainability and environmental protection, the project comprises four subprojects that seek to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency, and promote the use of renewable energy sources.

The first subproject, H2IRON, is aimed at replacing fossil carbon with hydrogen as the reducing agent in steelmaking. This would significantly decrease CO2 emissions and help to create a climate-neutral steel production process. Hydrogen is a clean and renewable energy source that can be produced using solar energy or wind power, making it an ideal candidate for the steel industry.

The second subproject, SUSHi, focuses on the fundamental understanding of sustainable production pathways for hydrogen using direct solar energy driven photocatalysis and hydrogen-based iron ore reduction processes. This subproject aims to develop a process for producing hydrogen using solar energy that can be used to reduce iron ore in steelmaking. By using solar energy to produce hydrogen, the project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the use of renewable energy sources.

The third subproject, CapCem, explores the utilization of slags for CO2 capture and sustainable cements. Slags are waste products that are produced during steelmaking. This subproject aims to find ways to use these waste products to capture CO2 and create sustainable cement products. By doing so, the project aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the use of waste products in the steel industry.

The fourth subproject, MAS4G, focuses on metallurgy for advanced steels for a green planet. This subproject aims to develop advanced steel products that are more energy-efficient and have a lower environmental impact. The project will focus on developing new metallurgical processes and alloys that can reduce the energy and resource requirements of steel production, while also improving the properties of the final product.

Together, these four subprojects form the AS4G (I) project, which is expected to enable a climate-neutral and competitive steel production process. The project aims to prevent climate change and the emerging clean energy crisis by promoting the use of renewable energy sources and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the project will expose Finland to large markets of fossil-free steel applications, ensuring the presence of strategic industry in the country.

The AS4G (I) project will also enable cutting-edge know-how to be transferred to other industries, enhancing industrial symbiosis and promoting activities related to circular economy and the integration of industry and energy transition. The project is a major step forward in the development of sustainable steel production and has the potential to transform the steel industry and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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