Bridging the Gap Between Mind and Body


MindGAP aims to bridge the gap between MIND/BODY interactions and to develop a novel portable device to monitor the biomolecules involved in these interactions.


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Horizon 2020 - Research & Innovation Action (RIA)

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867 000 EUR

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Linking exosome genetic cargo and health status
The EU-funded MindGAP project is exploring a radical new vision that may bridge the gap between health status and mind/body interactions. Recent studies show that exosomes circulate throughout the body, delivering genetic data to recipient cells as messengers of health and disease, and they are also implicated in brain activity as they can cross the blood–brain barrier. Overall, the project is investigating the relationship between the genetic data in exosomes and health status as well as the possible link with mind-related activities. The goal is to create an innovative tool to analyse exosome genetic data, allowing each individual to correlate this information with their health status. The project will also explore meditation as a mental tool to control the health-related exosome cargo.