Developmental Biology Laboratory: Organogenesis & Extracellular Vesicles

Our primary research foci are developmental biology and extracellular vesicles (EVs) and their function in human health and nature.
Vainio Research Group 2021
Vainio Research Group 2021

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Our diverse research group works on a multitude of intertwined research projects in development and EVs with support from Finnish and other European funders. We are always interested in new projects and collaborations.


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Selected Publications

Our group has published over 160 peer-reviewed journal articles. Below are some examples to represent our research findings. Click here for a complete list of Prof. Vainio’s publications.

  • Rak-Raszewska, A., Reint, G., Geiger, F., Naillat, F., & Vainio, S. J. (2021). Deciphering the minimal quantity of mouse primary cells to undergo nephrogenesis ex vivo. Developmental Dynamics: An Official Publication of the American Association of Anatomists.

  • Bart, G., Fischer, D., Samoylenko, A., Zhyvolozhnyi, A., Stehantsev, P., Miinalainen, I., Kaakinen, M., Nurmi, T., Singh, P., Kosamo, S., Rannaste, L., Viitala, S., Hiltunen, J., & Vainio, S. J. (2021). Characterization of nucleic acids from extracellular vesicle-enriched human sweat. BMC Genomics, 22(1), 425.

  • Ullah, M. S., Zhivonitko, V. V., Samoylenko, A., Zhyvolozhnyi, A., Viitala, S., Kankaanpää, S., Komulainen, S., Schröder, L., Vainio, S. J., & Telkki, V.-V. (2021). Identification of extracellular nanoparticle subsets by nuclear magnetic resonance. Chemical Science, 12(24), 8311–8319.

  • Monteiro-Reis, S., Carvalho-Maia, C., Bart, G., Vainio, S. J., Pedro, J., Silva, E. R., Sales, G., Henrique, R., & Jerónimo, C. (2021). Secreted Extracellular Vesicle Molecular Cargo as a Novel Liquid Biopsy Diagnostics of Central Nervous System Diseases. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 22(6), 3267.

  • Paul, T., Vainio, S., & Roning, J. (2021). Clustering and classification of virus sequence through music communication protocol and wavelet transform. Genomics, 113(1 Pt 2), 778–784.

  • Veikkolainen, V., Ali, N., Doroszko, M., Kiviniemi, A., Miinalainen, I., Ohlsson, C., Poutanen, M., Rahman, N., Elenius, K., Vainio, S. J., & Naillat, F. (2020). Erbb4 regulates the oocyte microenvironment during folliculogenesis. Human Molecular Genetics, 29(17), 2813–2830.

  • Perevedentseva, E., Ali, N., Lin, Y.-C., Karmenyan, A., Chang, C.-C., Bibikova, O., Skovorodkin, I., Prunskaite-Hyyryläinen, R., Vainio, S. J., Kinnunen, M., & Cheng, C.-L. (2020). Au nanostar nanoparticle as a bio-imaging agent and its detection and visualization in biosystems. Biomedical Optics Express, 11(10), 5872–5885.

  • Andjus, P., Kosanović, M., Milićević, K., Gautam, M., Vainio, S. J., Jagečić, D., Kozlova, E. N., Pivoriūnas, A., Chachques, J.-C., Sakaj, M., Brunello, G., Mitrecic, D., & Zavan, B. (2020). Extracellular Vesicles as Innovative Tool for Diagnosis, Regeneration and Protection against Neurological Damage. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 21(18), E6859.

  • Ali, N., Rezvani, H. R., Motei, D., Suleman, S., Mahfouf, W., Marty, I., Ronkainen, V.-P., & Vainio, S. J. (2020). Trisk 95 as a novel skin mirror for normal and diabetic systemic glucose level. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 12246.

  • Kaisto, S., Saarela, U., Dönges, L., Raykhel, I., Skovorodkin, I., & Vainio, S. J. (2020). Optimization of Renal Organoid and Organotypic Culture for Vascularization, Extended Development, and Improved Microscopy Imaging. Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE, 157.

  • Tan, Z., Rak-Raszewska, A., Skovorodkin, I., & Vainio, S. J. (2020). Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Ureteric Bud Progenitors Induce Nephrogenesis. Cells, 9(2).

  • Karvinen, S., Sievänen, T., Karppinen, J. E., Hautasaari, P., Bart, G., Samoylenko, A., Vainio, S. J., Ahtiainen, J. P., Laakkonen, E. K., & Kujala, U. M. (2020). MicroRNAs in Extracellular Vesicles in Sweat Change in Response to Endurance Exercise. Frontiers in Physiology, 11, 676. Open access link

  • Tikka, P., Mercker, M., Skovorodkin, I., Saarela, U., Vainio, S. J., Marciniak-Czochra, A., Schaefer, F., Sluka, J. P., Glazier, J. A., & Ronkainen, V.-P. (2020). Computational Modelling of Cell Movements and Aggregations during Kidney Organogenesis. BioRxiv.

Recent Grants and Projects

Our projects are being supported by several funding agencies. Below is a list of our ongoing projects.

  • Academy of Finland, Wnt-mediated Kidney Tubule Induction – the Role of Secreted Extracellular Vesicles as Putative Morphogens (Wnt and EVs), 2018-2022, 498.000 €
  • EU FET OPEN, Next-generation theranostics of brain pathologies with autonomous externally controllable nanonetworks: a trans-disciplinary approach with bio-nanodevice interfaces (Gladiator), 2019-2022, 950.000 €
  • EU FET OPEN, Bridging the gap between Mind, Brain and Body: exosome role and monitoring (MindGAP), 2019-2023, 867.000 €,
  • European Regional Development Fund, PrintoDiSe, 2020-2022, 163.000 €
  • The Gyllenberg Foundation, Impact of Biodynamic Farming on the Strawberries as Depicted Via Nutritional Nanovesicles, (Gyllenberg Strawberry), 2020-2022, 20.000 €
  • Academy of Finland, Development of perfusable vascularized glomeruli model on microfluidic chips (Mobility grant), 2020-2022, 16.000 €
  • Business Finland, Future of Diagnostics-FUDIS (FUDIS), 2020-2022, 311.878 €
  • Academy of Finland Flagship, Gene, Cell and Nano Therapy Competence Cluster for the Treatment of Chronic Diseases (GeneCellNano), 2020-2024, 950.000 €
  • The Finnish Research Impact Foundation, Clinical Validation of Novel Sports and Diabetes Related Analytes Offer New Wearable Diagnostics Solutions (TIA project), 2021-2023, 245.316 €
  • The Finnish Cultural Foundation, Koulutetun ja kaksoissokkotestatun koiran osoittamien SARS-virus PCR tai seropositiivisten näytteiden kliinisbiokemiallinen analyysi (CovidDogs), 2021-2024, 70.000 €
  • Työ- ja elinkeinoministeriö, Liikuntateknologian osaajien ja urheiluseurojen yhteiskehittämisen kansallinen verkosto (LIUKAS), 2021-2024, consortium
  • European Regional Development Fund, CoronaRpTest, 01.06.2020 - 31.10.2021, 280.000 €, Project PI: Florence Naillat