Column casted alkali-activated material adsorbent


The project investigates a new adsorbent material (column-casted) for industrial needs in wastewater treatment. The advantages of the adsorbent material are excellent efficiency, affordability and environmental friendliness compared to other methods. In addition, the material can be reused up to hundreds of times, allowing the metals to be recovered and recycled.


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Business Finland

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574 000 EUR

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University of Oulu

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The aim of the project is to develop the purification of wastewater generated in the mining industry with an unprecedented adsorbent material (column-casted). The project aims to remove metals more efficiently and economically than currently available methods are capable of, without forgetting environmental aspects.

During the project, the process will be taken to a pilot scale, allowing industrial waters to be purified in the right environment. The project includes the production of the material, its use for metal removal, and the cleaning of the used product. The advantage of the process is that the material can be used again multiple times for water purification, while recovering and recycling the metals.