Cross-border region resilience: Cross-border governmental, economic and cultural agencies in the North Calotte in a state of continuous change (RE-NORTH)


The RE-NORTH research project focuses on cross-border region resilience in the North Calotte/ Nordic Arctic. The project consists of theoretical work on cross-border dynamics and regional and social resilience as well as empirical research in the North Calotte cross-border region (Finland, Sweden and Norway).

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The Re-North research departs from an assumption that cross-border governance and regional agencies and relations are interlinked with regional and social resilience and might be simultaneously vulnerable and persistent in itself.
The research will approach cross-border region resilience with a focus on regional and state authorities and planners, local communities and education institutions in the Nordic North Calotte and in the Finnish-Russian border municipalities.
The project is inspired by human geography/political geography, multidisciplinary border studies and social scientific resilience research debates.