The project looks for ways how SMEs could better take into account the characteristics and capabilities of people when utilizing new technologies. The aim is to enhance the use of technologies while taking into account their safe and smooth use. The project will be carried out nationally, with special attention to the industrial, production and logistics sectors.


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European Structural and Investment Funds - European Social Fund (ESF)

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1 432 720 EUR

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University of Oulu

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The goal for the DigiKyvykäs project is to help Finnish companies to develop their work productivity and employee well-being simultaneously. The project focuses on the abilities and capabilities of industrial SMEs to manage their technologies and related organizational, processes and policies. The aim is to increase understanding of how companies can better consider the needs and skills of employees when utilizing new technologies.

DigiKyvykäs project creates an evaluation model for assessing the level of organisational digital capability of an SME. To complement the assessment model, the project creates also a road map tool targeted at the company's structures, processes and practices, which will help the company identify development needs and target development measures to them. This helps the companies to develop their capabilities to take full advantage of new technologies and the opportunities brought by digitalisation without compromising well-being at work and productivity. DigiKyvykäs project also creates training material to support the development of companies.

Special attention is paid to the fields of industry, production and logistics. The aim is for a total of 75 companies to participate in the project. The project is carried out by the University of Oulu, University of Tampere, University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Business Tampere Ltd, City of Vantaa, Yritysalo Oy and Prizztech Oy.