Digital care pathways for Stroke prevention and diagnostics

Co-creating solutions for early detection, prevention, and rehabilitation of stroke utilizing AI, sensors, and digital platforms.

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Business Finland

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5 700 000 EUR

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University of Oulu

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The Stroke Data consortium aims to develop solutions for early detection, prevention, and rehabilitation of stroke (e.g. AI-based decision support systems, video and speech analysis methods). In addition, the project is developing new sensors for patient measurements (e.g., near-infrared spectroscopy and low-frequency EEG measurement). The project will also develop an ecosystem business model to accelerate the access of the developed solutions to national and international markets.

Project results

  • Patient-facing solution to support stroke patient from hospital to rehabilitation and back home
  • Professional-facing solution to support expert team decision making in from emergency care to hospital, rehabilitation and back home
  • Feasibility tests for the co-created solutions
  • Prediction model to show the solution impact
  • Business model alternatives that help companies and hospitals to take the Stroke-Data solutions to the selected Nordic, Asian, US and Australian markets

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