Digital Raman assay for single-molecule protein sequencing in single live cells

Current single-cell proteomics analysis methods based on mass spectroscopy cannot obtain continuous time-resolved data because they have to lyse or kill the cells. They cannot analyze proteins extracted from single live cell, because the extracted proteins cannot be amplified nor the mass spectrometer is sensitive enough .

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Biocenter Oulu

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University of Oulu

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While single-cell DNA/RNA sequencers have revolutionized genomics and transcriptomics, no corresponding technologies exist for single-cell proteomics. This BCO project aims to develop a single-molecule protein analysis technology to identify and quantify peptides and proteins from single live cell by combining the PI's plasmonic nanopore sensor, the nanotube platform with the co-I's deep learning analysis. Being synergetic with the PI's Academy Research Fellow project (TwoPoreProSeq) and BCO emerging project (DigiRaman), the BCO project will integrate experts from the University of Oulu in the field of nanobiotechnology, nanophotonic biosensors, cellular biology and artificial intelligence. When fully implemented, the proposed technology will open a new era for single-live-cell proteomics able to profile continuously proteins and protein modifications with single-molecule sensitivity in single live cell, benefiting early diagnosis of diseases, drug development, and precision medicine.