A federated FAIR platform enabling large-scale analysis of high-value cohort data connecting Europe and Canada in personalized health (EUCAN-Connect)


EU H2020 funded project 2019-2023. University of Oulu PI Professor Sylvain Sebert.


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Horizon 2020 - Research & Innovation Action (RIA)

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264 183 EUR

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EUCAN-Connect brings together science from Europe and Canada to improve the quality of health care through a more efficient use of data.

The project aims to promote collaboration and multidisciplinary research in high-value cohort and molecular data on a large scale. As a result statistical power will improve and new discoveries are being facilitated. These discoveries will impact human life course and facilitate the translation of the data into personalized diagnostics, treatment and prevention policies.

Coordinator: Academisch Ziekenhuis Groningen


  1. University of Newcastle Upon Tyne
  2. The University of Liverpool
  3. The Research Institute of The Mc Gill University Health Centre
  4. The Chancellor Masters and Scholars of the University Of Cambridge
  5. Stichting Vumc
  6. Oulun yliopisto
  7. Kobenhavns Universitet
  8. Instituto de Saude Publica da Universidade do Porto
  9. Inesc Tec - Instituto de Engenhariade Sistemas e Computadores, Tecnologia e Ciencia
  10. Fundacion Privada Instituto de Salud Global Barcelona
  11. Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam
  12. Epigeny
  13. Biobanks and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure Consortium
  14. Umcg Research Bv

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