Sylvain Sebert

Sylvain Sebert

Research Group: Developmental and Life-Course Epidemiology

Together with Marjo-Riitta Järvelin (scientific director of the NFBC), I am leading a multicultural team of researchers to study the life-course trajectories to unhealthy ageing via the alteration of cardio-metabolic functions.

We combine various source of data from the fetal period until old age via exciting collaborations with international research consortia (The Pregancy And Childhood Epigenetic, PACE ; and the Early Growth Genetic Consortium, EGG) and European projects we are parnter in: LifeCyle or coordinating: DynaHEALTH.

The group uses genomics, epigenomics, telomeric and biological data combined to psychosocial factors at key stages of the life-course to establish how alterations of the metabolic environemnt (fetal hypoxia, fetal glucose, fetal stress) can be prevented by parental healthcare (prevention of maternal anemia, gestational diabetes, obesity and social deprivation) or modulated by early life interventions.

We also collect new data accross generations to study the transgenerational transmission of health via (epi)genetic and social pathways.

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