Feminisms, Epistemes and Technosciences

FETCH Arctic

FETCH Arctic includes two PROFI4 Arctic Interactions (ArcI) funded projects. The projects are a Bibliometric study on Arctic scientific publications and a study on citizen science in the Arctic. The projects aim to further understanding on the Arctic knowledge production in general and elaborate citizen science part in it in particular.

Project information

Project duration


Funded by

Academy of Finland - PROFI funding

Funding amount

85 000 EUR

Project coordinator

University of Oulu

Project description

FETCH Arctic Bibliometric research aims to advance Arctic knowledge by studying Arctic research publications. Extensive bibliometric research helps to create an understanding of diverse Arctic research areas, for instance, to locate intensities and gaps in the existing knowledge - especially in relation to sex and gender dimension of the Arctic research contents.

Digitalization enables citizens' social participation in the Arctic region, but to what extent citizens are involved in scientific knowledge production? FETCH Arctic Citizen science research examines structures, processes and resources to facilitate the production of intersectionally gender-responsible citizen science.