Frontiers of Arctic and Global Resilience

FRONT aims to advance the existing frontiers of knowledge on the systemic changes needed for resilience building, and to find solutions to the wicked problems of sustainability. With a strong focus on responsibility and sustainability, FRONT will take on a systemic approach to further our understanding of resilience in the context of global changes.

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The 'Resilience' concept has become a primary analytical tool to deal with socio-ecological and economic change. Resilience thinking is increasingly used in policymaking in various crisis situations in different scales and contexts. While the concept is trendy, it is also a highly debated idea, calling for critical and systemic level transdisciplinary research.

The FRONT research programme and strategic profiling theme of the University of Oulu aims to ground-breaking transdisciplinary research on one of the top research themes at the University of Oulu, resilience, and how to ‘Adapt for Our Future’ in the Arctic and elsewhere on the planet. The programme involves cutting-edge research to advance the existing frontiers of knowledge on the systemic changes needed for resilience planning and governance, and for finding solutions to the wicked problems of resilience across the social and environmental sciences.

The programme focuses on international top-level collaborative and transdisciplinary research on socio-economic and socio-ecological resilience in different scales across social and environmental sciences, supported by the new Resilience Academy.

Frontiers of Resilience brings together international, national and University of Oulu-based scholars from across disciplines, and encourages effective public communication of science. FRONT promotes inter- and transdisciplinary and citizen-engaged studies of the environment and raises the University’s profile as an international leader in addressing the challenges of humans in change and human impacts, and dependency on environment.

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