GLORIA - Global health risks related to atmospheric composition and weather


Academy of Finland: Global health risks related to atmospheric composition and weather (GLORIA)

Consortium grant, Director, PI Jouni J. K. Jaakkola

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Research Council of Finland - Academy Project

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University of Oulu

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Global health risks related to atmospheric composition and weather (GLORIA)


Principal investigator at CERH:

Jouni Jaakkola (Center for Environmental and Respiratory Research, CERH, University of Oulu)

Co-principal Investigator:

Jaakko Kukkonen (Finnish Meteorological Institute, FMI, Helsinki)

Other investigators at CERH:

Research professor Maritta Jaakkola

Adjunct professor Timo Hugg

Postdoctoral researcher Niilo Ryti

Research assistant Simo-Pekka Kiihamäki


Air pollution is globally the world’s largest single environmental health risk, and a substantial part of the population also suffers from allergic diseases caused by pollen. We will assess the relations between atmospheric composition (air quality and allergenic pollen), weather, and mortality and morbidity. The assessments will be done both on global and urban scales. We will use a previously produced long-term, global dataset with pollutant concentrations for 35 years. The project also uses an extensive health-related study of approximately 100 cities in 14 countries.

A focal point of the study is the impacts associated with the atmospheric emissions originated from shipping. We will conduct a global assessment of the effects of exposure to ship emissions on mortality, globally and in the selected major 14 coastal target cities. We will also analyse scenarios for the future, assuming new emission control areas. The information will be important also for political decision-making.


Funding period is 01.09.2017 - 31.12.2022.


CERH / Academy of Finland Research program, grant no. 310372

Project actions


Conferences, seminars

Jaakko Kukkonen. Ilmanlaadun muutoksia globaalista lokaaliin neljällä vuosikymmenellä [The changes of air quality over four decades, on scales from global to local]. Invited plenary lecture.

The Finnish Air Pollution Prevention Society, 43. Ilmansuojelupäivät [Annual Seminar 2018], Lappeenranta, Finland 21.-22.8.2018.

Mikhail Sofiev. Effect of ship sulphur emission reduction to climate forcing and health. Oral presentation. The Finnish Air Pollution Prevention Society, 43. Ilmansuojelupäivät [Annual Seminar 2018], Lappeenranta, Finland 21.-22.8.2018.

Jukka-Pekka Jalkanen. Skrubberin toiminta teoriassa ja käytännössä [The functioning of a scrubber in theory and practice]. Oral presentation. The Finnish Air Pollution Prevention Society, 43. Ilmansuojelupäivät [Annual Seminar 2018], Lappeenranta, Finland 21.-22.8.2018.

Communications for students

Jaakko Kukkonen. “The Roles of Environment and Technology on Health”, Lecture series, Tampere University, 2018, two lectures, each 45 min and discussion on ”Air pollution and its impacts on health”

GLORIA in media

Communications for scientific audience

Press Release by the FMI (2017): “An accurate inventory of ship traffic emissions for the European sea areas.” (in English) and (in Finnish).

FMI Science News (2017): “An urban modelling system containing the CAR-FMI model was successfully evaluated against three measurement campaigns in London and Birmingham. Good results add more confidence to the application of the CAR-FMI model internationally.”

Shipping pollution hotspots mapped with real-time data. In: SciDevNet, Bringing science and development together through news and analysis. Review article for the general public, based on the scientific article by Johansson, Jalkanen and Kukkonen, Atmos. Environ. 2017.

Communication for the general public

Interview of Jaakko Kukkonen in Helsingin Sanomat (largest newspaper in Finland), topic “Environmental and climatic effects of shipping and aviation”, 2019.

News at the Finnish television, 21.11.2018. Interview of Jaakko Kukkonen on “The impacts of wind-land fires on climate change, human health and biodiversity”.

Finnish TV ’Morning News’ (YLE1 Aamu-tv), 21.11.2018, Interview of Jaakko Kukkonen, topic “Forestry and forest passage”,

Interview of Jouni Jaakkola, Helsingin sanomat August 23, 2019, topic ”Suomessakin ilmansaasteet vaarantavat terveyttä” [Air pollution causes health risks also in Finland, in Finnish]

Interview of Jouni Jaakkola, Helsingin sanomat (online) August 22, 2019, topic

Suomen ilma on maailman puhtainta, mutta kansainvälisen tutkimuksen mukaan ilmansaasteet voivat tappaa myös täällä“ [The air quality in Finland is among the cleanest in the world but air pollution may increase mortality also here according to an international study, in Finnish]

Mediuutiset October 29, 2020

Väitös: Äidin altistuminen ilmansaasteille lisää kohtukuoleman riskiä [in Finnish]

Kaleva October 29, 2020

Oulun yli­opis­ton väi­tös­tut­ki­mus: Il­man­saas­teet li­sää­vät koh­tu­kuo­le­man ja en­nen­ai­kai­sen syn­ny­tyk­sen riskiä [in Finnish]

MTV News 6 May 2021

Ilmansaasteet vaikuttavat luontoon, ihmisen terveyteen – ja pörssikursseihin: "Yksi hyvä syy pyrkiä vähentämään ilmansaastepitoisuuksia" [in Finnish] [online media] 5 May, 2021

Exposure to air pollution can influence investors' decision making News [online media] 5 May, 2021

Exposure to air pollution can influence investors' decision making

Kaleva 5 May 2021

Oulun yliopiston tutkimus: Ilmansaasteet voivat vaikuttaa päätöksentekoon osakemarkkinoilla [in Finnish]

Radio Pooki 5 May 2021

Oulun yliopiston tutkimus: Pienhiukkaspäästöille altistuminen yhteydessä sijoittajien päätöksentekoon [in Finnish]

Tiedon silta 22 March 2021 [in Finnish]

Ilmastonmuutoksen haittojen nitistäjä

Project results



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Other publications

Publications intended for professional communities

  1. Hänninen O, Karvosenoja N, Kukkonen J. Puun pienpolton ja katupölyn haittojen vähentäminen (Abatement of the adverse effects of residential wood combustion and street dust). Ilmansuojelu 1/2019, pp. 16-21.

Conference abstracts

  1. Jaakkola JJK, Kiihamäki SP, Näyhä S, Ryti NRI, Jaakkola MS. Airborne pollen concentrations and daily respiratory disease mortality. European Respiratory Society (ERS) Conference, Paris, France 15.-19.9.2018. European Respiratory Journal 2018 52: PA5072; DOI: 10.1183/13993003.congress-2018.PA5072
  2. Jaakkola JJK, Rantala AK, Antikainen H, Hugg TT, Kukkonen J, Kangas L, Sofiev M, Jaakkola MS. Prenatal and early-life exposure to PM2.5 and O3 and the development of asthma in the first 27 years of life. European Respiratory Journal 2019 54: PA1993; DOI: 10.1183/13993003.congress-2019.PA1993

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