Home hospital activities – implementation models and effectiveness

Exploring the current status, effectiveness and measurement of hospital at home activities in Finland.


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150 000 EUR

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University of Oulu

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Future "hospitals without walls" will enable a seamless patient experience, ensure access to care, and improve continuity and coordination of care. Oulu University is the lead operator in this multidisciplinary project that aims to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the current state, effectiveness, and measurement of hospital at home activities in Finland. The specific objectives are to:

• Describe the field of practice of home health care
• Describe client experiences of home care activities
• Identify housing, staffing, skills and training needs
• Identify the potential for using technology solutions
• Assess the impact and cost-effectiveness of home care activities
• Describe how the impact of home care should be monitored
• Describe the needs for development and change in home care and legislation

Project results

The results of this multidisciplinary project can be used to inform decisions about the service system, welfare governance and the development of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

More information: https://tietokayttoon.fi/-/kotisairaalatoiminnan-nykytila-vaikuttavuus-ja-mittaaminen

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