My Oulu photography competition

Mobile Futures - Two-way integration through everyday encounters

For the My Oulu photography competition, youth living in Oulu sent photos of their meaningful places in Oulu The competition was organised by Mobile Futures research project and BestBeloved Museum project.

An exhibition of the photos sent to the competition will be organised in August 2024


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Academy of Finland - Strategic Research Programme

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University of Oulu

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Photography competition winners:

First place (€100)

Veeti Taimisto: Very skillfully captured subjects on interesting and compelling topics. The use of light, symmetry, and rhythm in the pictures is creative. The roughness and layering in the pictures beautifully depict the continuous change in the city.

Shared second place (€50 each)

Elisa Bolszak: Interesting pictures taken of personally significant subjects and places, with excellent composition.

Mo-Almasni: Diverse urban photography, using perspective insightfully. A series depicting Oulu from surprising angles.

Sanni Saraniva: Skillfully composed picture accompanied by a touching, personal story. The story of the picture was one of the best in the competition.

Sofia Uusi-Kauppila: A fantastic picture taken from an insightful angle, conveying a calming atmosphere. The picture and its associated story tell about the diverse meanings of urban nature.

The jury consisted of the following individuals:

Mobile Futures project researchers: Joa Hiitola, Seija Jalagin, Iida Kauhanen, and Elina Turjanmaa.
BestBeloved Museum project, Project Manager (Northern Ostrobothnia Museum): Karoliina Autere
Oulu University of Applied Sciences, Lecturer in Audiovisual and Visual Design: Aleksi Kauhanen

The photography competition is part of a Mobile Futures project called: Two-way integration through everyday encounters. Privacy statement can be found on the project internet page

Read more about the competition on the blog of the research project:

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