Novel Analytes for Sports and Diabetes

Clinical validation of sports and diabetes analytes

Prof. Vainio and Dr. Nsrein Ali are working in tight collaboration with Polar Electro in one of the innovative projects with the aim to provide a major sports and medicine opening towards personalized wellness and health monitoring capacity by realizing enabling technology towards new wearable culture and concepts beyond the state of art a global business segment initiated by a top brand Polar.
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Finnish Research Impact Foundation

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245 316 EUR

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University of Oulu

Project description

The body Mass Index (BMI) has increased and today over 50% are considered obese. High BMI increases risks for diabetes and metabolic syndrome. The reasons are that calorie intake exceeds consumption, and ageing is associated muscle reduction thus reduced energy consumption. Physical exercise affects positively these conditions including the brain by increasing cardiovascular performance and brain gas exchange. Two challenges will be targeted between the academic and Polar company: 1 (How to motivate layman and diabetic people of at high risk for this physical exercise and 2) How to establish novel rewarding biofeedback biosensor loops that will illustrate clearly, rapidly and in exiting ways the positive impact of the physical and associated mental exercise to the performer.