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Research to business project with Aalto University for development of a rapid non-invasive cancer diagnosis method.


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Business Finland

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169 100 EUR

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Cancer being serious burden on society is one of the most challenging diseases due to its biological complexity. According to the WHO, one in six deaths worldwide is caused by cancer. In Europe, in 2020, more than 560 new cases of cancer were diagnosed per 100,000 people, and cancer mortality was 263 per 100,000 people. The high mortality rate is partly due to the fact that asymptomatic and mild cancer cases are not detected in time. Traditional diagnostic methods are typically based on organ dysfunctions, and advanced molecular imaging techniques are expensive and only available in large hospitals. Our goal is to develop a new technology for molecular imaging diagnostics that would be cheaper and more accessible than current diagnostic technologies and would enable early stage cancer diagnosis for a significantly wider part of the population than at present.

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