Virtual Situation Room


The long-term vision of the VSR project is to create a virtual solution (concept, product, services, business opportunities) that transforms coordination and collaboration in inter-organizational projects and virtual work in general and enables new business opportunities for software, consulting, service, and engineering companies.

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Business Finland

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University of Oulu

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The goal of the VSR project is to create foundations for the development of a novel virtual solution, Virtual Situation Room, that enables real-time data-driven management and collaboration in inter-organizational projects in a virtual environment. VSR improves the experience of previous collaborative co-locational spaces (i.e. physical Big Rooms, War Rooms, and Situation Rooms) by solving existing problems and enabling both real-time data-driven project decision-making and collaborative practices and procedures. The future VSR solution includes the concept, integrated technological solution, and practices, processes and implementation guidelines that enable:

1) project stakeholders’ real-time data and information sharing

2) utilization of the shared data and information in project planning, coordination, and control

3) project stakeholders’ efficient decision-making based on the data and information

4) an experience of virtual presence among the stakeholders and virtual collaborative working practices.