Work and AI in Transformation for Systemic Opportunities in health care Networks


Health care systems underwent profound transformations due to increasing health care challenges and unprecedented technological advancements. To understand these changes, we examine work practices and network interactions in various hybrid organizations in the health care context.


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Eudaimonia Institute, University of Oulu

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University of Oulu

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The WATSON project continues the research started by the SHERLOC project on the changes that health care systems undergo in modern welfare societies. WATSON continues theorizing from the questions identified by SHERLOC, going micro to macro levels, and examines organizational change and networked innovation processes in various multi-actor settings within the health care context, to answer the primary question: How does transformative change come about through empowering people in their work in the pluralistic organizational networks of health care.

The project aims to understand how health care as part of society is changing, and how individuals’ efforts are connected to form systemic level change. The focus is on investigating the actions at the level of work practices and at the level of network interactions in hospitals and healthcare innovation and development platforms. The examination has implications concerning organizing and managing university hospitals and the direction of the healthcare ecosystem with innovative startups and other contributors to intelligent healthcare.

Project actions

WATSON researchers reach out to different networks. One example of this is involvement in the Health & Innovation Special Interest Group (SIG) at the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM). As stated on the SIG webpage, “the SIG brings together researchers, practitioners, consultants, and alike, to identify and share best practice on innovation management in health, and to create awareness of innovation management and adoption process in healthcare industry. The SIG aims to promote networking, knowledge sharing, and joint research and publication among experts in this context, and those interested in it.”

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