Allergology and immunology study group

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Research group leader

  • Professor
    Petri Kulmala

Research group description

The main focus of our research group is to elucidate immunologic mechanisms of the development of normal tolerance in healthy children and in the immunopathogenesis of allergic diseases. In addition, we test new strategies for prevention of food allergy in infancy, and study the immunologic mechanism of food desensitization therapy. The expected results from the current project will provide fundamental new scientific data on the regulatory and effector mechanism in the development and active induction of immunologic tolerance in healthy individuals and in children with manifest food allergy. In addition, we study the regulation of immune response in various other diseases (e.g. other allergic diseases, childhood rheumatoid disease and type 1 diabetes) in collaborative projects.

Our team

  • Dunder Teija (MD, PhD), Oulu, Finland
  • Pyrhönen Kaisa (MD, PhD), Oulu, Finland
  • Varis Laura (BM), Oulu, Finland
  • Yrjänä Jaakko (MD), Oulu, Finland

Where are we headed

Our future goal is to further characterize immunopathogenesis of allergic diseases and to develop new preventive and treatment strategies.

Our main collaborators

  • Virpi Glumoff (PhD), Oulu, Finland
  • Marita Valkama (MD, PhD), Oulu, Finland
  • Paula Vähäsalo (MD, PhD), Oulu, Finland
  • Rüdiger Schultz (MD, PhD), Tampere, Finland

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