Client/patient counselling in clinical environment (Counselling)

The research group studies and assesses the counselling competence of healthcare and social welfare professionals and the effects of different counselling methods (such as digital) on the counsel of clients/patients with chronic disease and their relatives. In addition, group studies the experiences of clients/patients, relatives and social- and healthcare professionals regarding digital counselling.
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Research group description

The aim is to develop and evaluate the effects of various counselling interventions (including digital ones) on clients/patients, their relatives and social- and healthcare professionals, and to promote client/patient self-care and adherence to treatment.

Research topics include digital counselling – client/patient family/relatives orientation, interaction in digital counselling and digital counselling – risk factors for chronic disease.

Research interests

  • To develop digital counselling intervention and assessment of their impact
  • Profiling of clients/patients with chronic disease to develop of effective counselling interventions
  • Counselling experience of clients/patients with chronic disease, their relatives and social- and healthcare professionals
  • Systematic reviews, especially meta-analysis
  • Counselling competence of social- and healthcare professionals

  • Research methods: interventions, psychometric testing of instrument, systematic reviews, qualitative research as content analysis