Upper aerodigestive tract diseases

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  • Professor
    Olli-Pekka Alho

Research group description

This research project deals with the most common diseases both in Finland and in other developed countries (recurrent otitis media and throat infections as well as acute and chronic rhinosinusitis). The diagnostics of these diseases is still problematic, that has major consequences, for example, on the use of antimicrobial drugs affecting the bacterial resistance in the population. Similarly, the surgical procedures done because of these conditions are among the most common in Finland. We need information on the effects of ventilation tube insertion, adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy and (para)nasal surgery on the morbidity and quality of life of the patients. The research group’s published articles on the surgical treatment of recurrent otitis media and throat infections have been included in several Cochrane systematic reviews (www.cochrane.org) and other international guidelines (e.g. Käypä hoito, www.kaypahoito.fi, Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines net-work, www.sign.ac.uk).

Our team

Where are we headed

Our future goal is to improve the diagnostics and treatment of the most common infectious and inflammatory diseases in the Ear, Throat and Nose region.

Our main collaborators

  • Professor Tapio Seppänen, Machine Vision and Signal Analysis, Oulu
  • Professor Esa Läärä, Mathematical Sciences, Statistics, Oulu
  • Professor Antti Mäkitie, Otorhinolaryngology, Helsinki
  • Professor Marjo Niemelä, Pediatrics, Kuopio

How to find us


Professor Olli-Pekka Alho, olli-pekka.alho[at]oulu.fi, phone: 08 315 3473