6G solutions for data-driven society

The University of Oulu's 6G Flagship is the world's first 6G research programme. We are a forerunner in the adoption of 5G technology and a global leader in 6G research and development. We promote high-quality 6G research, which will help develop future competencies and create sustainable solutions to society's needs in the 2030s.

6G Flagship

The 6G Flagship aims to develop the components, tools, and equipment needed to build a 6G test network and applications to accelerate society's digitisation. The University of Oulu's 6G Flagship fosters the fundamental 6G expertise required by smart societies. Research areas include wireless connections, devices and circuit technology, distributed intelligence, and human-centric wireless services. In wireless systems research, we have concentrated on four verticals: health, industry, vehicles, and energy.

In addition to funding from the University of Oulu, 6G research is supported by the Research Council of Finland as part of the national research spearhead programme.

6G enabling sustainable society

The 6G-enabled sustainable society (6GESS) programme uses the 6G Flagship's technological expertise to establish the scientific basis for a data-driven, hyper-connected future society with interconnected eHealth and energy systems. 6GESS investigates novel technologies to improve healthcare and energy systems. It helps healthcare and energy providers, and also citizens, adopt data-driven and digital solutions.

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