Resilience Academy of Oulu (RAO)

Resilience Academy of Oulu (RAO) is a dynamic and innovative centre dedicated to advancing inter- and transdisciplinary research, education, and dissemination in the field of resilience studies. The academy encompasses a range of components and activities aimed at fostering academic excellence, collaboration, and societal impact.

Key elements of RAO

RAO serves as a bridge, linking the research themes of FRONT to amplify the impact of collective expertise. RAO embodies a commitment to resilience focused research, education, and societal collaboration and impact. The Centre provides a comprehensive ecosystem for scholars, fostering international connections in research that will help humanity to ‘adapt for our future’ in a sustainable way.

RAO works in close collaboration with the faculties and other profiling research programmes with close connections to the University of Oulu’s Arctic strategy, UNIC collaboration, and Sustainable development and responsibility aims.


FRONT organises ResilienceTalks, which is a discussion series based on invited talks and symposiums focusing on academic and/or societally relevant and timely issues on resilience and sustainability.