Sustainable development and responsibility at the University of Oulu

The University of Oulu is committed to acting responsibly and promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) through research and education. We seek solutions to the ecological, social, economic, and cultural sustainability challenges facing the planet. Our goal is for every person at the University of Oulu to make responsible choices – now and in the future.

Solving the toughest future problems with our cutting-edge multidisciplinary research

The University of Oulu’s research is directly connected to the UN's SDGs. Our multidisciplinary scientific community is constantly generating impressive breakthroughs and tackling global challenges. Among other things, we are developing sustainable materials to create greener industry, and our biomedicine and wellness technologies support lifelong health.

Our research topics related to sustainable development include:

  • sustainable and responsible use of natural resources
  • bio- and circular economy
  • the impact of environmental factors on health
  • climate change impacts in the North
  • research on the changing environment in the Arctic and Boreal zones
  • the impact of globalisation and environmental change on human interaction and communities.

Environmental sustainability is the subject of several collaborative research projects conducted with various universities and organisations. We also cooperate internationally on many projects and networks.

Educating experts to ensure a sustainable future

The University of Oulu educates future professionals to build a more sustainable, more intelligent, and more humane world. Sustainable development is integrated into all our degree programmes and sustainability-related courses are actively developed.

We offer education options in sustainable development

  • for all our degree students
  • for all our exchange students
  • for students from other higher education institutions through various partner networks
  • for everyone interested in these topics, through the University of Continuous Learning

We are the custodians of a responsible culture

The University’s sustainability activities and objectives are guided by our Action Plan on Sustainability and Responsibility and Equality and Non-discrimination Plan. We also review and develop our campuses from a sustainable development perspective, for example by improving the energy efficiency of our facilities, encouraging environmentally friendly transport, and considering environmental and sustainability aspects in all our procurements.

All members of the university community can contribute to the sustainable development of the university. The University of Oulu Sustainability Forum is a series of events and a meeting place for university students and personnel as well as for stakeholders interested in sustainability and responsibility issues.

Building a better tomorrow together

The world is more informed than ever before, and new research is constantly emerging. At the University of Oulu, we want to help both decision-makers and citizens to have access to reliable information. We want to raise awareness of the importance and potential of sustainable development.

We encourage members of the university community to participate in debates on societal challenges. This is how we ensure the handprint of all who work for and have graduated from us is visible and has an impact.

The University of Oulu cooperates with national and international networks focusing on sustainable development and social responsibility.

Contact us

For more information on sustainable development and responsibility themes and actions, please contact Anni Huovinen,

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