Optional general and transferrable skills courses

Here you will find information about courses organised by the Graduate School. Check out our diverse course offerings!

General and transferrable skills courses organised by the Graduate School

The Graduate School organises general and transferable skills courses to support the doctoral researcher's working life skills. Note that many of the courses are implemented both in Finnish and in English.

Responsible research: publications, data, metrics and merits (2 ECTS)

Basics of University Pedagogy for Doctoral Students (2 ECTS)

Scientific Communication (0.5 ECTS)

Communicating Science to the Media, General Public and Decision Makers (1 ECTS)

Utilisation of Patent Databases in Research (0.5 ECTS)

IP Rights and Research (0.5 ECTS)

Introduction to data visualisation (1 ECTS)

Project Management (0.5-3 ECTS)

Communication and presentation skills (0.5-3 ECTS)

Business Development for Researchers (2 ECTS)

Get to know copyrights! (0.5 ECTS)

Writing Research Grant Proposals (1 ECTS)

Employability and working life skills (2 ECTS)

Mastering Academic Writing (0,5 ECTS)

Introduction to interdisciplinarity (2 ECTS)

Scenario planning as a futures research method (3 ECTS)

How can I take general courses?

The enrollment into general and transferable skills courses is done in Peppi system. See instructions for enrolling to courses in Peppi wiki page. You can also search for a course in Peppi by using a course code or name of the course. Note that there is a limited number of participants for many of the courses, so inform cancellation of participation on time!

The doctoral degree programme determines the number of credits of general and transferable skills courses that can be included into your doctoral degree.

See the structure of your degree programme and more information about the courses and schedules in the link below.