Our arctic agenda

We are situated close to the Arctic region, humanity’s new frontier. As one of the Northernmost international science universities, we have a particular responsibility toward questions related to the Arctic.

Arctic research

The Arctic area is changing, and it affects to the future of the whole globe. We at the University of Oulu, are in the front line searching for solutions to the global challenges of Arctic and relieving the effects of changes.

We have 150 researchers specialized to Arctic topics. Our Arctic research topics cover among others:

  • Biodiversity changes and effects on ecosystems
  • Permafrost, snow dynamics and cold climate hydrology
  • Indigenous Sami culture and resilience
  • Arctic health
  • Sustainable use of Northern natural resources

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Arctic cooperation

Sustainable future of Arctic areas requires joint efforts from different fields and regions. We work actively in networks that cooperate in matters related to Arctic education and research and offer connections to important national and international bodies and networks.

Interested in Arctic cooperation?

Thule Institute coordinates Arctic issues at the University of Oulu. The institute cooperates with national and international research and higher education institutes and is an active partner in several important Polar and Arctic networks.

Study to be an expert in the Arctic

Would you like to become an expert in Arctic construction or get acquainted with the changing northern nature and its life, for example? See what kind of possibilities our international programmes offer.

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