Oulanka Research Station

Oulanka Research Station is part of the Infrastructure-unit and is situated in Kuusamo as a regional unit of the University of Oulu. Having been established in 1966 to promote research and teaching in biological and geosciences, the station also functions as a multidisciplinary unit with a responsibility to coordinate the university's activities in the northeastern Finland. It´s modern research and educational facilities provide an inspiring environment not only for researchers and teachers, but also for organisers of courses, seminars and conferences.

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The station is conducting a climate and environmental change monitoring study, EcoClimate, which is funded by the Academy of Finland and the University of Oulu. In the research, the test areas include research towers and measuring sensors that measure e.g. temperature, humidity, rainfall, barometric pressure, wind speed, radiation balance, heat flux, snow depth, amount of carbon dioxide and methane, soil heat and humidity. Experimental research on the impact of changing snow conditions on the environment and vegetation is being carried out in the pilot areas. The study also includes the impact of reindeer grazing on environmental change and the impact of climate change on reindeer husbandry. Groundwater and microbial research by GTK, LUKE and the Water, Energy and Environmental Engineering Unit of the University of Oulu have become a new element in 2021 and 2022. We have also started cooperating with the University of Oulu NANOMO in connection with the hyperspectral data of the EcoClimate experimental areas and its analysis. The data from the long-term environmental monitoring carried out at the research station for decades facilitated access to the eLTER network. The station is also part of the AnaEE network and has begun the process of joining ICOS. Oulanka is also involved in INTERACT and Lifeplan projects, which are EU-funded

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