Animal services

Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre takes care of the well-being of animals throughout their whole lifespan, and helps researchers to perform projects and procedures in the best possible way.

Animal orders

Ordering and delivery of animals

  • For animal orders you need the project licence number or the internal licence number
  • Be in contact with the animal department and make sure that there is a sufficient amount of space for your experiment
  • Do the new animal order in good time in LabAnimals Pro
  • Mice from the mice barrier are delivered outside at 9 in the morning or at 13 in the afternoon. Any other time point will be agreed separately.
  • The correct billing address is important – if the address changes, remember to make the changes in LabAnimals Pro
  • The animals are delivered at a time agreed upon in the animal department
  • Before starting your project, the practicals will be agreed in the Animal-welfare body meeting

At the University of Oulu, the experimental projects are allowed only in OuLAC animal facilities.

Exporting mice

OULAC delivers mice to both domestic and foreign laboratory animal establishments. The receiving establishment will request the latest microbiological health monitoring certificate for the animals before confirming the delivery. In the mouse barrier, from which mice are usually delivered, health monitoring is performed regularly every four months. If requested, the OULAC veterinarian will sign an additional health certificate of the animals to be delivered and the environmental conditions and isolation measures in the unit delivering them.

Price list and grounds for billing

Experimental techniques

The directions and guidelines of Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre on the administration of substances to the animals follow the guidelines of the National Animal Experiment Board (ELLA). The instructions on experimental techniques are based on the research, recommendations and long term experience in best practices. We follow the advances in experimental techniques and actively put into practice refined and better methods.

Admistration of substances

GM animal services

  • Counselling on project (animal experiment) licences, internal licences and GM register notifications
  • Production of GM mice and their maintenance in the mouse barrier
  • Animal record-keeping
  • Experimental operations at the research department