Research services

Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre provides research services for the researchers of the University of Oulu and Oulu University Hospital, and for external research groups or institutes.


Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre takes care of the well-being of animals throughout their whole lifespan, and helps researchers to perfom projects and procedures in the best possible way.

We in Oulu Laboratory Animal Centre

  • Produce and purchase animals for scientific research
  • Take care of the animals during the projects
  • Care of animal welfare and health
  • Take care of the animal environment
  • Help with experimental procedures
  • Maintain the animal information system LabAnimals Pro and help in animal bookkeeping and statistics
  • Assistance in planning and conducting projects
  • Deliver animals to other institutes

Animal health and veterinary care

Veterinary care for laboratory animals is based on preventative health care. A veterinarian specialised in laboratory animals is responsible for animal health and welfare in OULAC.

Veterinary care includes:

  • Monitoring the health of the animals

  • Microbiological monitoring and other prevention of illnesses

  • Treatment of illnesses

  • Counselling on experimental and animal care procedures

  • Guidance in advancing animal welfare

Microbiological health monitoring is an essential part of the preventative health care. Health monitoring for rats and mice is performed regularly in OULAC.