Research integrity and ethics

At the University of Oulu, research integrity is promoted with quality assurance, open science and research, and with courses on research ethics and good research practice.

Promotion of ethics at the University of Oulu

Researchers’ adhesion to the principles of research integrity and ethics is part of the University’s quality assurance. The University personnel and students are familiarized with the research integrity guidelines and the process of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK with extensive education.

University of Oulu has committed to follow the research integrity guidelines of the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK.

The University of Oulu ethics working group

The Ethics Working Group’s task is to maintain the research ethics discussion and make proposals related to research integrity - good scientific practice. The ethics group promotes good research practices and a responsible research culture at the University of Oulu through education and training.

Contact information:
Minna Ruddock (Chair), Research Manager, Faculty of Medicine
Aija Ryyppö (Secretary), Senior Specialist, Unit for Strategy and Science Policy

Research integrity advisers at the University of Oulu

In each Faculty and Human Resources (HR) Services of the University of Oulu has Research Integrity Advisers trained by the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity TENK. The advisers provide low-threshold personal advice on research integrity (RI) to the researchers and other staff of their own organization. Advice can be asked, for example, on notification of an alleged research integrity violation or if one has become suspected of an RI violation. More information about the advisers and their support can be found on intranet Patio (requires login with university user id).

If the alleged research integrity violation has taken place before 5.4.2023, the violation is investigated according to the 2012 guidelines: Responsible conduct of research and procedures for handling allegations of misconduct in Finland. Guidelines of the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity 2012 (pdf).

Research integrity institutions

Action in problem situations

Form for reporting allegations of research integrity violations

The Finnish National Board on Research Integrity (TENK) has developed a template form for reporting allegations of research integrity violations. TENK thus responds to the need expressed by universities and other research organizations, as well as the Ministry of Education and Culture, to simplify the reporting of scientific fraud and to facilitate the preparation of the research integrity report.

The notifier does not have to be a researcher or a member of the scientific community. TENK does not receive notifications, but the notification must be made to the research or educational institution where the research is mainly conducted or the suspected researcher works. It is good that the notifier gets acquainted with the research organization’s own instructions for making the notification. A notification of an allegations of research integrity violation shall be sent to the Rector or Administrative Director of the University of Oulu.

Notification form for an alleged RI violation 2023 (pdf)

Harassment and bullying reporting policy at the University of Oulu

Everyone at university has a responsibility to prevent harassment and bullying. Improper treatment can be addressed by notification. The University of Oulu has introduced a harassment and bullying reporting policy. Improper behavior can be reported anonymously by a web-form through which a student or employee can submit a request to deal with a bullying or harassment situation in accordance with the University of Oulu's operating model.