Hydrogen future and sustainable steel

The University of Oulu is among the most significant hydrogen research hubs in Finland. The exceptionally wide-ranging view into the hydrogen future is based on the University of Oulu’s multidisciplinary nature: through cooperation between physics, chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, process metallurgy and materials engineering, we aim to solve the challenges of the hydrogen transition in hydrogen production, steel industry processes as well as hydrogen storage and transport.
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The hydrogen transition may be the answer to the world’s demand for energy

Hydrogen is the world’s most common element. It can be produced cleanly and used as energy without emissions. Hydrogen can also be used to store and transfer energy, and it is also an industry raw material. When hydrogen combusts, no carbon dioxide emissions are created, only energy and water. Hydrogen can be used to replace fossil fuels, and the hydrogen transition will present an opportunity to switch to using clean energy on a global scale.

It is envisioned that in the future the hydrogen economy will have a role to play in the energy systems, industry and traffic of developed carbon-neutral societies.

Research themes

The University of Oulu’s hydrogen research relies on both in-depth basic research as well as extensive applied research that are promoted in dozens of research projects. The University of Oulu’s hydrogen research emphasises, in particular, the promotion of clean hydrogen production methods, the utilisation of hydrogen in steel production and the development of steels for storing and transferring hydrogen. In addition, hydrogen utilisation methods are under development for the chemical industry, energy production and traffic alongside with new business models suitable for the new hydrogen economy.

H2FUTURE research programme

Hydrogen Future as a Climate Change Solution (H2FUTURE) research programme, supported by the Academy of Finland PROFI7 funding (2023-2028), aims for renewed thinking and challenging, yet electricity-wise realistic and future-oriented solutions for clean hydrogen production.

Contact information

At the University of Oulu, a large number of scientists in several different fields are promoting hydrogen research.

Utilising hydrogen in steel production: Professor Timo Fabritius
Clean hydrogen production technologies: Professor Marko Huttula

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