Creating better health - our digital health knowhow

Digital health aims to make health and wellbeing services accessible to everyone, regardless of time or place. The future of healthcare is personalised, predictive and preventive, bringing effective health services to the aging population, improving the quality of care, and transforming the way we think about looking after our health.

Why digital health?

Digital health solutions free up resources and help healthcare professionals to focus on what really matters - using expertise to care for patients and provide them the best care possible.

At the University of Oulu, we combine expertise from the fields of technology, medicine, and economy to develop research based future solutions for real life health and wellbeing needs and challenges. Join us in the creation of future digital health!

DigiHealth research themes

DigiHealth is a strategic profiling theme of the University of Oulu. We develop and validate novel digital technologies for data-driven health applications. With our strong expertise in medicine, wireless solutions, big data analytics and business we can respond to bottlenecks in health care and services. This is done through a wider uptake of eHealth solutions and via their interoperability and cost-efficiency.

DigiHealth includes Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, and Oulu Business School. There are over 40 principal investigators and more than 100 researchers linked to these disciplines.



Need help with finding the right partners for your digital health project, learning about the peculiarities of using health data, or assessing the effectiveness or suitability of your solution? We are here to help you! Check what services and resources we already have to support in your RDI actions.

These services are produced by DigiHealth Hub project (funded by European Regional Development Fund, coordinated by Centre for Health and Technology).

Guides and tools

Practical tools to help you in utilizing health data and assessing the effectiveness of digital healthcare services/solutions.

Partnerships and networks

In collaboration with Centre for Health and Technology (CHT), DigiHealth Hub, DigiHealth research teams, OuluHealth ecosystem, and University Innovation Center, enriched with the wide RDI networks, we can help you in identifying right partners and forms of collaborations - whether you are outreaching in to or out of Oulu.

For further information, check CHT's current website (information on this site is under construction).

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