Aidin Heidari

Doctoral Researcher

Process Metallurgy
Faculty of Technology

I got my bachelor's degree from Amirkabir University of Technology in materials engineering. My Bachelor's thesis was on the extraction of sulfuric acid by trioctylamine (TOA) as an organic extractant under the supervision of Prof. Keshavarz and Prof. Haghshenas. After that, I participated in the materials engineering Master's program at the Sharif University of Technology and I chose Extractive Metallurgy as my subfield. My master's thesis has been on the Kinetics of incomplete reduction of low-grade hematite iron ore to magnetite by a gas mixture of CO and CO2 in a fluidized bed Reactor. I have worked on it under the supervision of Prof. Halali.

After my Master's graduation, I got Hired at Poolad Consulting Engineers CO., as a process engineer and our main project was the Mianeh Iron and Steel Making plant with a capacity of 800000 tons/year.

Now I am a Doctoral researcher at the process metallurgy unit of the University of Oulu and doing my research on the reduction of iron ores by hydrogen under the supervision of Prof. Timo Fabritius and Dr. Mikko Iljana.

Research interests

  • Iron and Steel Making
  • Metals Refining
  • Recycling of Metals
  • Hydrogen Reduction

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TF224-1, Process Metallurgy Unit, Faculty of Technology, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland