Aleksi Pyörälä

Doctoral Researcher
Mathematical Analysis, Fractal Geometry

Mathematical Sciences
Faculty of Science

I am a PhD student in the research group of Fractal Geometry. I obtained my MSc from the University of Oulu in 2019 and began my doctoral studies in the fall of the same year.

My research interests include dimension theory and arithmetic properties of self-similar and self-affine sets and measures, and applications of the scenery flow and ergodic theory into geometry of measures.

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Publications and preprints

1. Bárány, B., Käenmäki, A., Pyörälä, A., & Wu, M. (2023). The scaling scenery of self-conformal measures. Preprint, available at arXiv:2308.11399

2. Pyörälä, A. (2023). Resonance between planar self-affine measures. Preprint, available at arXiv:2302.05240

3. Pyörälä, A. (2022). The scenery flow of self-similar measures with weak separation condition. Ergodic Theory and Dynamical Systems, 42(10), 3167-3190. Doi:10.1017/etds.2021.86

4. Pyörälä, A., Shmerkin, P., Suomala, V., & Wu, M. (2020). Covering the Sierpinski carpet with tubes. Accepted for publication in Israel Journal of Mathematics, available at arXiv:2006.00499

Research interests

  • Dimension theory
  • Iterated function systems
  • Ergodic theory

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