Anna-Maija Multas

Postdoctoral Researcher
Information Studies

History, Culture and Communication Studies
Faculty of Humanities

Anna-Maija Huhta

I have a Master's degree in Science Communication and a PhD in Information Studies from the University of Oulu.

My research focuses on young people's health information literacy and information practices, especially in digital environments such as social media. In addition, my research explores knowledge and information creation practices in interdisciplinary and intersectional communities, as well as phenomena related to information openness and authority in different contexts. My research methods include nexus analysis developed for the analysis of complex relation of discourse and action, as well as participatory methods such as co-research.

I am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher in Resistant Cities: Urban Planning as Means for Pandemic Prevention (RECIPE) - research project (University of Oulu): and YouTubers as Peer Mental Health Educators in Adolescent's Social Environmets (TUBEDU) -research project (University of Helsinki):

Research interests

  • information literacy and information practices
  • health information literacies
  • information creation
  • social media and young people
  • video blogging, YouTube
  • nexus analysis
  • co-research
  • cognitive authority
  • health and science communication

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