Anni Silvola

PhD in Education
University Teacher
Educational Psychology

Learning and Learning Processes Research Unit
Faculty of Education and Psychology

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Anni Silvola is a university teacher and postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oulu. Currently she works as a university teacher in the learning sciences degree program, a unique bachelor- and master degree program in Finland. She has graduated as primary school teacher in 2017 (M.Ed) and PhD in Education 2023 from the University of Oulu. During her Phd studies, she was working in two national learning analytics projects, AnalyticsAI (2018-2022) and Compleap (2018).

Annis' main research area is technology enchanced learning. Studies focusing on learning analytics (LA) and artificial intelligence (AI) use in education have been in the main focus in her work. Her studies have specifically focused on theoretical alignments of LA designs, ethical perspectives of data-based technologies in education, and student perspectives of LA and AI use. Link to Annis' phD thesis:

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