Anni-Sofia Roberts

My research at the Learning and Educational Technology (LET) research lab focuses on socially shared regulation of learning (SSRL) during collaborative tasks. As a part of the Learning Regulation with AI – promoting adaptive K-12 learners (LEAD) project, our team uses artificial intelligence agents, which proactively speak to learners, to study human-AI collaboration. My research focuses on the agents’ ability to notice challenging moments of learning (called trigger regulation events) and the ability to appropriately prompt (give advice to) learners when they are working together to solve tasks. By looking at the learners’ responses to the advice of these agents, I aim to study possible benefits of AI-enhanced learning, such as development of metacognitive learning processes.

Research interests

  • collaborative learning
  • socially shared regulation of learning
  • mental models
  • adaptive learning technologies
  • human-AI collaboration
  • multimodal methods

Contact information