Antti Koskela

University Teacher, physician
Bone toxicology, bone health

Cancer and Translational Medicine
Faculty of Medicine

Antti Koskela

I study how environmental chemicals affect our bone tissue, the current main focus being perfluorinated compounds and microbial toxins. In addition, I have studied dioxins and organotin compounds. One focus area is how simultaneous exposure to different environmental chemicals affect our health, since we all have our individual environmental chemical cocktail in our bodies. Bone is a potential target for environmental chemicals, and bone remodelation (resorption and formation) continue throughout the life on an individual, which makes it an interesting tissue from toxicology point of view. The methodology comprises of cell culturing, measurements on cellular level, imaging and biomechanical studies. I also collaborate with epidemiologists from countries such as USA, and one focus is to study environmental chemical exposure on epidemiological level.


I teach the human anatomy for medical and dental medicine students and work as a patient-caring physician in the city of Oulu. I also do pedagogical research and study the best ways of teaching the human anatomy and cell biology for future medical experts.

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