Anu Soikkeli

D.Sc. (Tech.), PhD. (History), Architect
Associate Professor

Oulu School of Architecture
Faculty of Technology

Anu Soikkeli is an associate professor in Arctic Architecture and Environmental Adaptation at Oulu School of Architecture. She is an architect with broad experience in research since 2000 with over 70 peer-reviewed scientific articles.

Soikkeli was selected for the Fulbright Arctic Initiative III -program for 2021–2022. Her Fulbright project seeks to find possibilities for planning culturally and environmentally appropriate villages while examining how community-driven policies and practices in built environments can positively support human health and well-being.

Research interests

  • Wooden building heritage
  • Restoration and renovation
  • Identities of historical towns and villages
  • Human-environmental relationships in the Arctic
  • Ecological and cultural sustainability
  • Local voices in planning processes
Anu Soikkeli

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