Ari Ämmälä

Adjunct professor
Fiber and particle dispersions

Fibre and Particle Engineering
Faculty of Technology

Ari Ämmälä

Ari has been the university lecturer at Fibre and Particle Engineering Research Unit since 2010. He graduated from the University of Oulu with degree of M.Sc. (tech.) in Process Engineering in 1994 and completed his PhD studies in 2001.

Research interests

  • Processing and modification of lignocellulosic materials (wood, non-woods, cellulose, nanocellulose) and the utilization of them in high-end applications

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+358 40 575 2966

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Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu,
door V2

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Fiber and Particle Engineering
P.O Box 4300
90014 University of Oulu