Arto Reiman

Post-doctoral research fellow

Industrial Engineering and Management
Faculty of Technology

Arto is working as a post-doctoral research fellow and a research team leader in the Industrial Engineering and Management Research Unit. His team focuses on well-being at work and productivity. Arto has been granted the title of Docent from the University of Tampere in the field of human-centric work system design and management. Arto has a doctoral degree from Industrial Engineering and Management and master degree in process and environmental engineering. His current research interests include health and safety and human factors and how they can be included in design and development processes in order to improve sustainable working life. In addition to the university, Arto has worked as a senior expert at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and as a consultant at the private sector.

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Industrial Engineering and Management
P.O. Box 4610
90014 University of Oulu