Atef Hamada

Atef Hamada is a metallurgist for 22 years. He was granted a doctoral degree in materials engineering in 2007 from the University of Oulu. Hamada worked as a postdoctoral at the Centre for Advanced Steels Research (CASR), University of Oulu. Then, he worked at the Materials science & Engineering department, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology (E-JUST), Egypt as an associate professor of Physical Metallurgy. Currently, Hamada is a senior researcher in Future manufacturing technologies, FMT, Kerttu Saalasti institute at the University of Oulu.

Hamada's research topics focus on a deeper understanding of Materials behavior since metallic materials (Ferrous, and non-ferrous) are often characterized by flexibility in their mechanical and physical properties and influenced by numerous factors that cloud the researcher’s view of underlying causalities. Most of his current research in the FMT group concerns additive manufacturing of metallic structures, processing of advanced high-strength steels, and enhancing their mechanical properties by novel heat treatment (fast heating and flash tempering) through the umbrella of InTemp and FOSSA projects.

Research interests

  • Additive manufacturing of metallic structures

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Atef Hamada

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