Dominika Bujnáková

I did my bachelor’s degree in Ecology at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and continued with master’s degree at the University of Oulu – Ecology and Population Genetics (ECOGEN). My master thesis was about wolverine (Gulo gulo) historical demography and phylogeography across Eurasia. This is the project I continue working on during my PhD with my colleague Gerhardus Lansink.

During my PhD I also work with wolf morphology using 3D scans and computer tomography images. Moreover, I am also involved in wolf DNA sample collection which can be used for whole genome sequencing. My aim is to connect the morphological data and the genomic data together to explore the wolf’s adaptations to different environments.

I am also involved in science communication with the focus on rising awareness about and tolerance towards the large carnivores, especially wolves.

Research interests

  • carnivores
  • genetics
  • morphology
  • conservation
  • science communication

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Ecology and Genetics Research Unit
Linnanmaa campus
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Ecology and Genetics Research Unit
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