Georgi V. Georgiev

PhD (Knowledge Science)
Associate Professor
Design Research

Center for Ubiquitous Computing
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Georgi Georgiev

My academic work is focused both on the early stage of design process, when new and innovative ideas are generated, and user's perspective on the design outcome, which is essential for understanding challenges for success of digital technologies. I earned my Ph.D. in Knowledge Science from JAIST, Japan in 2009. I am actively involved in the foundation and development of the Special Interest Group Design Creativity at the Design Society, series of International Conferences on Design Creativity, as well as in the editorial team of International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation since the inception of the journal.

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University of Oulu,
Linnanmaa campus,
Erkki Koiso-Kanttilan katu 3,
door E, 3rd floor, room TS360

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Center for Ubiquitous Computing
University of Oulu
Faculty of Information Technology and
Electrical Engineering
P.O.Box 4500, FIN-90014, Finland