Heidi Siira

Heidi Siira

I work as a university lecturer in the Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management and as a coordinator in the GeroNursing Center (GNC) of research and expertise on restorative care of older adults. I recently (May 2021) defended my PhD thesis on low vision rehabilitation, health-related quality of life and related factors among older adults with visual impairments. In my post doc research I want to combine my background and key knowledge and competence areas in gerontology, rehabilitation and disability. Before my academic career, I worked for many years with older adults in different sectors of social and healthcare and was involved in vocational education. During my doctoral training, I actively participated in several international conferences in my field as well as networked internationally with scientists in training schools addressed for PhD students. I want to conduct and promote working-life-oriented research that is effective and meaningful for society and health care practices.

Research interests

  • Wellbeing and quality of life of older adults
  • Disability, especially visual and hearing impairment, in old age
  • Rehabilitation and rehabilitation counselling
  • Restorative care of older adults

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Research Unit of Nursing Science and Health Management
PO BOX 5000
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